In this video I'm talking to a group of at risk kids who have all violated a criminal law - and are at this school to be "rehabilitated."

"Inclusivity, generosity, acceptance and non-

judgment characterize Scott Gallagher’s

approach. One does not have to agree with everything he states or advocates —indeed, he makes no demand that we do! —to recognize the value of his method, which is to empower addicted human beings, no matter what age, with the choice and possibility of transforming negative compulsions into positive commitments."

Dr. Gabor Mate, Author of "Scattered Minds"

"In a field where many are rehashing old ideas

with little innovation, Scott Gallagher is encouraging us, with an unusual passion, to

grow in our understanding and awareness of what motivates us to engage in

unwanted behaviors or habits. He does so

in a manner that empowers people and

guides them to changing behaviors they never believed they could."

Dr. Lee Jampolsky, Author of Healing the Addictive Personality

"Scott's Programs rise above simply telling kids to 'stop' whatever bad habits they have - or that they have a disease they'll suffer from for the rest of their lives. Ultimately, Scott is a catalyst in enabling kids to help themselves, as well as giving adults around them the tools they need to support kids to change."

Dr. Stanton Peele, Author of "Addiction Proof Your Child"