April 4th, 2017  was the day I first confessed to Scott that I wanted to end my life. Scott listened to me without judgment that day, and helped me understand that the source of my suicidal ideations was that I was isolating and craved human connection...

Once we had our first confirmed guest host, Scott gently convinced me that we had to allow non-prejudicialy everybody who has been a guest on 1111 an opportunity to be considered as a guest host and go through the process. And we've had a number of guests who went on to become hosts of 1111.


Scott also created 1111 for young children which gave me the opportunity to be with kids as he knew how much I loved kids and missed working with kids.




And so, Scott created WE ELEVENS which lead me to have my first We Eleven.


Scott told me that 1111 would be the foundation for all my dreams to come true.


He said it's where all the abundance would come from even though it will never come out of it directly.


Scott asked me to give him ninety days to obsessively focus on building 1111 even though it was not a business or profit center for me.


Scott promised me that if I did that, that within ninety days, I would become somewhat of a small town celebrity.


I trusted Scott even though I could not understand and fathom what was happening and had no interest in being any sort of celebrity.  In fact I preferred to be invisible.


I did not understand business or why getting attention was so important, but I knew to trust Scott and I did my best to follow his guidance and leadership. And in less than ninety days, I get an opportunity to go to some sort of seminar in Toronto for free.


Scott suggested I go to this seminar not because it would change my life but for one reason only – Scott promised me that at least a minimum of three people would come up to me at the seminar and ask me, "Aren’t you that girl on Facebook?”


Five people came up to me at the seminar and asked me this very same question. I remember walking into a Best Buy which is on the other side of town to buy a capture card and the guy at the counter who is serving us recognizes me and asks me, aren’t you that girl on Facebook that interviews people?”


I've walked into malls and this very same thing happens! I could not believe what was happening.  Scott delivered on his promise.


And when I told Scott I had a dream to go to California one day, he said, “Well, I told you, we could do anything with 1111.”


And the next thing you know, Scott writes this message and sends it to this particular person who lives in California, Sacramento who I did not know and he did not know, and the person responds back that very same day and offers to host us at her home for two months.


By the end of October we are on a tour in the U.S hosting episodes of 1111 in Sacramento, Anaheim, Arizona, Nashville, Louisville, Kentucky, we have had guests in different cities.


Scott showed me how to get a guest overnight in any City I want. And I applied what Scott taught me on this tour and it worked. I had the most amazing and abundant journey on this tour and it is all because of Scott and starting with him knowing what I needed from the very beginning.


The odds were against me in me winning against this well-known and powerful charity, but Scott would not give up in what he knew was important to me even though there were times when I was on the verge of giving up on myself because it was just too much for me to handle.


Scott would not all allow me to accept defeat, it just was not an option for him.


Thanks to Scott's multi-faceted talents, determination, unconditional love and conviction, I won the Ministry of Labor Case, and I claimed my victory!


The charity was ordered by the Ministry of Labor to send a payment in the amount of $30,943.71 to the Director of Employment Standards in Trust.


That payment was processed and received by me co-incidentally just a few days before I left for my U.S. tour!


Scott did for me what my psychotherapist and psychiatrist could not do.


I am healthy, mentally capable and I do not think about ending my life anymore. I am living the best and most prosperous time of my life.  I am not dependent on Scott or anyone anymore!

I now have my own studio!


1111 and Passion Projects LIGHT have given me mind-blowing visibility and attention both locally and internationally since we first launched it back in April 2017.


Scott taught me that a truly self-sustainable platform exists ONLY when the creator, is no longer needed and it still continues to flourish.


And this is exactly what happened!


When Scott and I were in the U.S for 5 weeks taking 1111 on the road, episodes were simultaneously going on in Canada as well every single day! 

On, or around my birthday (February 11th, 2018) Scott has a heart to heart talk with me advising me that it is time for me to stop relying on donations and to start acting and operating like a business owner....


Scott creates a plan for me which I follow and in less than 3 weeks, I get my very first Coaching Client and that client pays me 11 Thousand dollars for 30 days of my time. 


A couple months later (April 27th, 2018) I not only received the Waterfront People's Choice Award, I had the highest number of votes (Scott gets the credit for doing some sort of marketing magic to this day I don't know how he got me to number one)