We sponsor people by taking them (one-on-one over zoom) through some of the most potent teachings on "Step 12" and "The Law of Attraction" as contained in the Big Book of AA - and"Ask And It Is Given" by Abraham Hicks.


If you'd like a truly customized experience based on your unique views on spirituality and obsession, then click the NOT A MEMBER yellow button to get started.

You will never be asked to acknowledge, or admit, to having an addiction of any sort, let alone having to disclose what it might be to us.  
All Addictions (are) Anonymous!



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Highlighting System 

Currently there are two of us managing the requests coming in through this website.  ie myself, Scott Gallagher (founder) and Sameena Fernandes (past board member/trustee)


12 Step appointments are currently provided by myself and Sameena as well, and they are held via Zoom, and only via Zoom. 


That means you need to have a computer or a smart phone with zoom installed, and a reliable connection to the internet in order for us to work with you right now.  

And just to be clear, the 12 Step work we do is not done on the service plane. 


12 step work is also not volunteer work and we do it one hour a day just about every day during our spare time.   


So while everything we do here is free, you would have to align with our schedules in order for you to take advantage of what we have to offer. 


We love this work, and we dearly hope that as some of you take this journey with us, you will love it too, and want to accelerate your own spiritual and personal growth by helping others, as we do.  

As more and more people do this, more and more times will become available on our calendars. 


Here's How We Work With You  

We study two text books together one-on-one over zoom using a 6 color coding highlighting system with both text books.


The first text is the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (BB), and the second is "Ask And It Is Given" (AAIIG) by Esther Hicks, which encompasses the original Law of Attraction Teachings of Abraham Hicks.

It is the studying of these texts that will help you put yourself in a healthy state of mind to resolve those underlining issues or problems (Be it primary or a secondary 'addiction'.)

Before I start explaining what happens on our zoom call sessions, let me tell you why we use these particular books.

The Big Book was first written in 1938.  Back in that period, meetings were not required in order to recover.  The Big Book was actually all that was required.

Ask And It Is Given was written by 'The Law of Attraction' source, Esther and Abraham Hicks.

Ask And It Is Given is is a gentle and unique process that guides you to see a different perspective with how and why to manage your thoughts so as to improve, and to attract the changes you want in your life. 

What to expect in our zoom sessions

On the Zoom calls, we will read, dissect, analyze and think deeply about every word in the books that we study.

Over 20 years of recovery has taught me that everyone needs to start in a certain, same place before we can start adapting things for the unique individual.

Because of the large number of people asking for help as a result of Covid, Sameena and I are working together as a team so that we can help more people in less time.

If your first session happens to be with me, Scott, I will take you through two parts of the Big Book first, The Doctor’s Opinion, and How it Works.  Your sessions with me would be bi-weekly for about an hour and you'd be having a session with Sameena the weeks you are not seeing me.

Sameena, will take you through the prefice, the Forwards, in order to give you the context and the history of what step 12 means according to the Big Book (Alcoholics Anonymous).  Each edition had a new forward, so the fourth edition, which is what is available now, has four forwards. 

Again these represent the history of the BB, and the beginnings of 12 step recovery.  And Sameena is more than qualified to take you through these sections of the Big Book.

​It has been our experience that going more in depth with these sections of the Big Book is nearly always profoundly impactful and very meaningful to the individual as well as Sameena.

Which of us you work with will probably depend largely upon your schedule, and your preference based on the text you read above about what this is and how we go about it.

Our most recommended path is for you to read and analyze the history with Sameena, then do The Doctor’s Opinion and a session from Ask and it is Given with Scott.

Once you have worked through these two sections with Scott, we will begin to tailor your road to recovery more towards your unique concerns and problems.  You may decide to continue with the Big Book process, OR

You may decide to start going through Ask And It Is Given literature, OR
You may do both at the same time, as many people have.  But you have to have the basis of the history and the first two chapters before that can happen.

We use six different color highlighters as we do the analysis.  You will learn the methodology on your first call.  We highlight words and phrases in the book with different colors depending on their purpose, bringing the book alive! 

All Addictions Anonymous does not require that you admit to even having an addiction, let alone having to disclose whatever it is.  Our Addictions are Anonymous!  

Feel free to book your first zoom session with either Scott or Sameena on one of the two calendars below.