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"Our business quoted more than 2 million dollars in new business projects and realized an additional $500,000 in revenue in less than 90 days as a direct result of Scott's visit."  

Trevor Vey

General Manager, Nelro Services LTD

Mike Mckenna

Costa Rica Treatment Centre Owner

Al Magee, TV Producer of Trailer Park Boys, Kenny vs. Spenny, Billable Hours, Designer Guys, Little Mosque on the Prairie.

"I've hired Scott as a coach and business advisor many times...

"I've hired Scott as a coach and business advisor many times, most recently to guide me in a delicate negotiation on a project at CTV.  I am currently executive producing Income Property for RTR/HGTV and have sought Scott's advice on shifting the team culture and vision with my crew as the show expanded into its new one hour format.

Scott is an outstanding coach mostly because he is a fantastic listener, and hears the truth and opportunity in every situation. He's fearless in expressing his opinions and very committed that everyone who works with him gets the results they are after. He'll make for great TV. He's like a dog with a bone. Speaking from personal experience, once he sets his mind to his client achieving their goal, he won't let that client fail. He takes no prisoners!

He's a man of high integrity, great compassion and he's great fun to be around."

"Inclusivity, generosity, acceptance and non-judgment characterize Scott Gallagher’s approach.  One does not have to agree with everything he states or advocates—indeed, he makes no demand that we do!—to recognize the value of his method, which is to empower people, no matter what age, with the choice and possibility of transforming negative compulsions into positive commitments.”

Dr. Gabor Mate

Celebrity Addictions Expert and Author

"In a field where many are rehashing old ideas with little innovation, Scott Gallagher is encouraging us, with an unusual passion, to grow in our understanding and awareness of what motivates us to engage in unwanted behaviors or habits. He does so in a manner that empowers people and guides them to changing behaviors they really never believed they could."  

Dr. Lee Jampolsky

Bestselling Author, Healing the Addictive Personality

Before I met Scott, my life was going nowhere. I was in the gutter and all scattered. I was not making money, and I was destitute. Things seemed very hopeless for me. I did not know how to leverage and execute on my passion, which was helping people and families going through the battles of addiction. I did not have the mind-set to do the work I love and having it also be financially profitable for me.  

For over eleven years, I have been helping people and families for free, and meanwhile, it was having a negative impact on my own emotional and financial wellbeing because my needs were not being met. I felt guilty asking to be paid for the work I so loved to do. I felt ashamed even at the thought of asking for money for the services I provided for people. In my mind, money was ‘evil’.

I was spending my last dollar in purchasing my book and giving it to a lady who could use it to help her son who was in prison, but in the meanwhile I was broke myself! I did not even have money for gas to go and see a client who would reach out to me through a phone call. I was helping hundreds of people for free with my own needs not being met. Things were destitute.

I reached to a level where I was comfortable in where I was at, but I was lacking growth and lacking even desire to thrive to my fullest potential. I was not happy and lost my inspiration. I did not see the value in my own self-worth. I wrote two books related to addiction and my own journey, and I would hand them out for free to those whom I felt it could help. I even felt too guilty to charge for my books.


I was in deep financial scarcity taking on side jobs whenever I could just to make ends meet. The odd thing is though, the little money that I did earn from these jobs I had to take, I would spend it on my grandkids, feeling that I had to give the money I earned away. And this is what Scott helped me to recognize in my four- hour consultation with him that I was spending my money on my grandkids as it gave me justification for getting paid since I felt so bad internally receiving any money.

What Happened? I reached out to Scott after finding out that he was allowing fifteen people to come onto Passion Projects for free in the month of April when Passion Projects first launched. I was very honored to be the first guest out of fifteen on Passion Projects. Before coming on Passion Projects, I had questions about how I can maximize my business as I was so scattered and confused with so many things I wanted to put into action, but no knowing where to start and how to go about it. So based on the questions I had, Scott offered to do a four -hour consultation with on my business before getting on Passion Projects to maximize and optimize my Passion Projects episode. Scott offered to do it at a discount rate of $1200 having all the proceeds go to Sameena Fernandes as he was sponsoring this for her.


It was too good of an opportunity to pass on, so with only $20 to my name at the time, I accepted the offer to receive Scott’s strategic business consultation.

Scott helped me see the truth of what was blocking me from living a prosperous and abundant life. His consultation geared a whole new direction of how my Passion Projects episode was going to go, and it was a huge success beyond what I could have ever expected it to be.  The results were over the charts – over 3000 views and i had less than 800 facebook friends!  People were offering to give donations, and offers were coming in to buy my books!

However, after the success, attention and visibility I received from Passion Projects, I was still having a very difficult time asking for money! And, so Scott offered to give me a follow-up session with no extra fee. I came back to see him for a follow-up session.


Scott dug deeper dissecting every part of me he could to get to the underlining root cause of what was still preventing me from making money. I never had anyone help me in this significant way before. And after I left this session, my life altered profoundly!


Scott helped me to open my eyes and see my own self-worth and value for what I have to offer the world.  Scott advised me to do interventions as that is where the most money is for the work I was already doing, and he suggested that I should charge a minimum of $5,000 per intervention where I felt guilty to even ask for $500. And if I really could not wrap my head around charging $5,000, then I should charge no less than $3500 to start off with.

Thanks to Scott’s consultation, and the follow-up work that he did with me, I am now in the intervention business where before I met Scott, I was mainly only talking to clients on the phone and I could not justify charging them. I got my first client – a family who I charged $3500 for my intervention which included driving the daughter all the way to a detox centre, and they paid me $3500 with no hesitation. In fact, they were so appreciative of the work I was doing with them that they thought $3500 was too low of a price, so they bought me a new IPhone!


This was my very first intervention. I made nothing in my business prior to this deal.  I am at a whole different level now beyond my comprehension, and I have completely shifted my direction and my self-value thanks to Scott’s life-transforming consultation and coaching. And closing my very first deal at $3500 made it REAL,

I am set up with a whole new and effective business plan where it was all up in the air before. For example, I now have questionnaires prepared for the clients, and I keep on adding to it.  I am doing more interventions where I am now charging my clients with no hesitation and guilt. I am also coordinating events where people are coming out to see me! I am just blessed with all the attention and people knowing about me and I now have no problem with asking for money! I am also now charging for my books.


Scott helped me to recognize that I can only help the amount of people I want to help to my full capacity if I am financial prosperous and abundant myself. The connections I got from consulting with Scott and from Passion Projects is to date sky rocketing!

I have endless opportunities coming my way that I just grab onto wherever possible. I got so much of inspiration from both Scott still getting his input on certain opportunities that are coming my way, and how I can go about monetizing it.


I am now living the life I dreamed of, a life that I did not even think was possible. I never imagined that I would get paid for something I love doing. I now know what the experience is like to have that AHAAA moment- I often gave it to others, but I never experienced it myself till after Scott’s follow-up consultation. I finally gave myself permission to act on all the things he had coached me to take action on to bring in revenues for myself so that I can live my mission and serve my purpose in a rich and abundant way.

Scott, thank you for giving me the gift in helping me to recognize my own self-worth and value and how I can utilize it to help so many more people that I want to help.


And I thank both you and Sameena Fernandes for continuing to support me in ensuring that I stay on track in the right path that I am on TODAY! I am now living a very happy, resourceful and carefree lifestyle doing the work that I am most passionate about and getting paid for it with having no guilt or resistance about it.


All this would not have come to be for me if it weren’t for your consultation and for the follow-up that was pivotal for me which had me change the direction of my life. I am now thriving both in my personal and professional life, thanks to the profound work you did with me.

Richard Henry

Author of Life in the Game of Addiction

“We brought Scott in to our school at the very beginning of the year. There were 12 students who chose to participate in his 4 week followup program. Addictions were mainly to marijuana, cigarettes and internet/video games. 

After the 4 weeks were up, the kids in the program wanted to continue it on their own.  Within 90 days, every single one of these kids had tapered off to the point that none of them were doing drugs or smoking anymore. One student who was addicted to the internet and video games drastically reduced how much time he spends online.

Each and every student who joined the on-going group meetings that Scott structured for us, had noticeable behaviour changes; for example, higher self esteem, regular attendance, more friends and a much clearer head upon returning to school Monday mornings.

The results we got were so remarkable we asked Scott to come back again later in the same school year! 

We engaged different kids and we had a different adult partner involved, but the results were just as impressive. 
We continue to appreciate Scott’s work and have used his articles to promote awareness and professional development with our staff."

Linda Henry, School Principal, Kirkland Lake High School

Two years ago, I was unemployed with no direction, struggling to find a decent job. Contemplating whether I should go on social assistance, I spent my time doing free graphic and web design work for people, hoping that something would change. But I still wasn’t earning an income.

Raised in poverty in government-funded housing, the community I grew up in fostered a "victim mentality." That means I grew up blaming and complaining about my circumstances and I grew up believing that the world owed me a living.

In my Middle Eastern culture, it is normal for the man of the house to beat his wife and children. The physical and verbal abuse I experienced was a common occurrence in my home and I vividly remember casually joking with my schoolmates about the beatings our parents had given us the night before. I had no idea that these experiences would negatively affect my self-worth so dramatically.

My parents were deeply religious and also used religion to scare my siblings and I into obeying rules. Often, I lived my life feeling like I was a burden and, driven by the need for approval, I tried desperately to be the ‘perfect son.’ Although, deep down, I always thought I was bad, sinful, or just plain wrong.

While going through the motions of life and feeling dead inside, I met a man who would dramatically change my life beyond anything I could have imagined. This is where fate brought me to Scott Gallagher. I started out as one of Scott's pro-bono clients and forged an instant bond and trust with him.

Until then, I had never met anyone who listened to me so intently or was committed to helping me achieve what was important to me, no matter how stupid I thought I was! For once, my body was light and my mind was at peace.

When Scott invited me to watch him deliver a series of school programs he had created to help kids get rid of unproductive and destructive habits of ALL kinds, I was moved to tears. Connecting heart-to-heart with over 1200 kids, he shared his own story of childhood abuse, addiction, and described his profound spiritual journey toward a life of helping others.

Scott showed so much respect and humility for the youth, never treating them like there was something broken in them that needed fixing. He saw how great they were, especially when they thought they weren't. After seeing the healing that began happening in those kids in Peterborough, I noticed that a part of me had healed as well. Scott gave them the same unconditional love and attention that he’d given me in our first meeting.

After that profound experience, Scott invited me to join him as he delivered another school program in Winnipeg, Alberta. The kids Scott would be working with were the most extreme cases of "at-risk youth" I’d ever heard of.

I had no money to fly there with him (I was still unemployed!), so he offered to pay for my flight! Scott saw something special in me and wanted me to have a chance to help make a difference in the lives of these kids. He gave me the opportunity of a lifetime: to personally speak in front a group of highly at-risk youth.

Here’s a bit of a tangent, but something I think is worthy of sharing:

To be in peak form while delivering his programs, Scott often runs a marathon a few days before speaking events. During this trip, the night before his marathon, he urged me to run the full 42.5 km with him. I had never run a marathon before, let alone trained for one! But he recognized that what I was capable of was greater than what I believed I could achieve.

And that’s exactly what Scott does. He helps others achieve above and beyond what they ever imagined possible.

Early the next morning, Scott and I started the race an hour and a half before the marathon actually began. This disqualified Scott from being an official racer, but he knew I would need that head start to make it to the end in one piece. A marathon is a huge undertaking, and it’s easy for untrained runners to injure themselves.

It was 6:30 a.m. when we started. We walked together for the first 90 minutes until we saw the first official runner. Then I ran the entire marathon with Scott by my side. It took us an entire eight hours to complete the full distance. Scott patiently ran with me to make sure I would finish.

The next day, I shared my story of poverty and abuse with those kids. Scott helped me write it. He knew I was terrified, so he sat at the back of the auditorium, smiling and nodding, as if everything I said was perfect. It gave me the confidence to speak powerfully to those kids. 

As you can see, this story starts with Scott. Thanks to Scott, I was living the life I really wanted and never thought I could achieve—traveling, running marathons, and helping individuals.

However, I still felt defeated when I would go back to my uninspired home in the projects. If I was to continue to grow and pursue my dreams, I couldn’t remain in a toxic environment that enforced that "victim mentality."

Scott offered me a place to stay. In his home. “You can stay here as long as you need to,” he said. “I’ll make sure you have food to eat and a place to sleep until you're successful.”

I was blown away by his unconditional love and support for my happiness and success. He truly gave me the tools, understanding, and motivation to achieve what I wanted. I had no idea that I would have to leave home to begin profound healing.

He closely mentored and trained me, often encouraging me to take on challenging roles and incredible responsibility. I resisted, because I thought I was a loser and I would never be able to do it. He advocated for me in board meetings, and I was elected to the role of Executive Director of Addiction Free Youth—one of the non-profits Scott founded.

I struggled in my role and screwed up often. I lost thousands of dollars in potential projects because I was careless and sabotaged things close to deadline. I lost staff because I didn’t care deeply about them. I was a disaster!

But never once did Scott even think about firing me or reverse his commitment to me. He ALWAYS supported me unconditionally to accomplish more than what I thought a ‘loser’ like me could achieve. No matter how many screw-ups, missed opportunities, and lost staff I left in my wake, he always pointed out the best in me, even when the evidence proved otherwise.

I’ll never forget when he said to me, “You know what's great about you, Mike? No matter how many times you fail, you never give up. That's what it takes to be successful. I know you're going to be successful!"

After two years as Executive Director, I finally managed to get substantial funding to bring healing programs to a First Nation community, including a Parent/Community Evening Talk with the Elders and Addiction & Suicide Prevention Programs for Youth.

Once again, Scott surprised me. They asked him to come out and give a talk. It was a critical event and just before the talk he got approval from the community’s program coordinator to have my team and I come on stage to speak as well.

Normally I stumble nervously through public speaking engagements, but for some reason I spoke confidently and eloquently to the elders gathered there. It was almost as if I was watching myself speak. I had never before experienced what I felt when I spoke to those elders. I shared my story of emotional and physical abuse and how I met Scott and how I began to change my life. The audience LOVED my story. I still can't believe it!

It hadn't dawned on me, but Scott was able to see a passion within me that I couldn't see. He had a talk with me after this tour. "It seems to me,” he said, “that you love these school programs and working with youth, but you REALLY LOVE First Nations communities, even more than delivering school programs."
It was true.

I couldn't see it for myself, let alone tell Scott that it was true, especially after all he had done for me. But he was right. As soon as Scott knew my truth and what I really wanted to do, he provided me the next opportunity in my career. He helped me recruit a replacement for my role as Executive Director for Addiction Free Youth so I could move on to this project with honour. He helped me create this special project initiative around everything I love. And that's what you've stumbled upon today.​


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Hughcliffe Lindsay

Information Technology

"Scott Gallagher's Programs rises above simply telling kids to ‘stop’ whatever bad habits they have.  Instead, Scott gives his students the confidence, ability, and structure they need to deal with the challenges they face.  Ultimately, Scott is a catalyst in enabling kids to help themselves, as well as giving adults around them the tools they need to support kids to change."

Dr. Stanton Peele

Psychologist, Lawyer and Addictions Expert

"Wow! The last 4 weeks have been amazing for all of us on so many levels. We’re all feeling great about our accomplishments, honouring our word and are comfortable about being honest when we didn’t.

My relationship with life and others has changed dramatically. I’m accomplishing more in a day than I have in the past. I’m paying close attention to my words and thoughts, apologizing more often and learning to see what’s right in all situations. I’ve learned so much and I’m very thankful to you and your company for spreading this message/program."

Tracey Rutherford, Hudson’s Hope School
​Hudson’s Hope, British Columbia

Tracy Rutherford

Teacher, Hudson's Hope High School, British Columbia


"These kids had tried to quit before, and after only two weeks into Scott Gallagher's community based program he set up for us, one wasn’t using, one wasn’t drinking anything at all so they had nothing to record.
We have kids thanking their mom for dinner or for doing the laundry for the first time ever. Most of these kids are not used to thanking anyone. They just take for granted that everything will be done for them. They’re learning something here that will serve them well their whole lives.
Sometimes I’m really frustrated with whatever’s going on in my life and one of my student buddies from the program will call me and ask me what I’m happy about right now? And I really have to change my whole way of thinking, even when I’m in the middle of something really negative. It’s been a real learning experience for me."

Joanne Carter

Meadowlake Saskatchewan (At-Risk School)

"PARENT: Hi Scott: My foster son attended your presentation(s) in Merritt yesterday and came home a changed kid. Somehow in one day you have been able to show him what I have been trying to do for a year and a half. I am so thankful to you. Hopefully I will be able to attend one of your presentations in the future. I have written a letter to the social workers regarding your program. Sue

SCOTT: Wow, did you ever make my day. I was in BC for more than 2 weeks and wanted to go home last week but stayed an extra few days just to be at your school. Now I know it was worth it. Hey Sue, can you tell me exactly what changes you noticed in your son? Scott

PARENT: Hi: When he came in the door he started crying and said he had something to tell me. He confessed that he had recently stolen some jewellery and money from me and pawned it for pot money.

He was very upset that he had done it and realized through you how serious his pot addiction is. He has had a hard life and his Mom (crack addict) just died April 13. She was unable to be a good mother to him but he loved her just the same and this has really devastated him. He understood the "comfort zone", as he has a real hard time getting out of that. He hasn't had a job in over a year, no girlfriend, no goals, no hope, no confidence etc.

Just getting stoned and zoning out as much as possible. He talked to me about exercising, drinking water, eating healthier etc. He talked about being accountable and taking responsibility. He talked about being a "victim" and how that has negatively impacted his life. Unfortunately "Ministry" kids get a self entitlement attitude that because their life has been hard everything is "owed" to them. When they turn 19 they are not able to function properly and a very high percentage end up being extremely dysfunctional.  My son is almost 18 and I am trying so hard to help him.

Everything he heard you say yesterday I have said a million times, but somehow you managed to really get the message across. He said he couldn't believe what a mess the kids made yesterday and that he helped clean up. Cleaning up and helping is not something he would normally ever do. Someone offered him some pizza to take home for helping. He took the vegetarian because he thought I would like it. Again - NOT NORMAL for him to think of others. I have such renewed hope for him today and I am so thankful. You obviously have a gift and I am sure you have inspired thousands of kids. I just wanted you to know how much of an impact you've had on mine."

Email from Sue, a parent in Merritt, British Columbia

Anonymous Parent named Sue

"After Scott’s Keynote Assembly, we had 30 students begin the program and each and every one of them took something away from it even if they did not complete the sessions. This is an amazing feat in a low socio-economical First Nations community where suicide issues run rampant.
Our students spoke about the value of learning how to set realistic goals, the power of drinking water and that they had more control over themselves. Along with more personal accomplishments, our student also learned:


  • How to meet new people and interact with them appropriately
  • How to make commitments to each other
  • That the power of our words and commitment are important
  • There are consequences for behavior (even in the assembly Scott held them accountable if they talked, without putting them down)
  • This isn’t about them personally, it’s about their behavior
  • About drugs and drug use
  • How the power of your own life choices can change you, and you can change.

This program made a difference in the lives of everyone involved, no matter their addiction.

For example, for the first time, at least two students began to come to school with a water bottle with them every day. This could be seen as small change, but for someone that consumed only pop this was significant. Two other students began to incorporate goal setting into their daily lives and vocabulary.
One very noticeable change was with a young man who had a serious problem with authority figures. He actually attended every follow-up meeting we had. He also developed a good personable relationship with me as a fellow group member, and as an equal, that had a positive effect on our classroom relationship.
He picked up his grade and passed my class with a decent mark. When I asked him afterward about the change, he said that he learned that the authority figures will always be there and it’s his choice as to how to deal with them. He has the power to change, he has the power to agree or disagree with their requests. HE has the power, not them. This was a huge step forward for him.
There were also measurable changes in all three of my partners. One partner apologized to an old friend living in the next town over and now spends time with that person again having fun and being a teen. My partner is also still exceeding his goal of learning rudimentary drumming patterns every day and is on his way to being a fantastic drummer.
My second partner wanted to sing more because it made her happy and so purchased a karaoke machine and sings every day and feels great. This partner was shy and withdrawn and stopped participating in the group the next day but she still sought out her happiness and worked the program independently.
My third partner is the largest change. He wanted to quit the addiction of putting everyone else around him before himself (he offered this information to me). He is 16 with a one year-old child and has rekindled his relationship with his child's mother in a healthy, respectful way putting his needs before those of his other friends. This relationship had been clearly recognized as being toxic and one-sided. He has changed that and seems very happy now.
The program does not only influence the lives of these resilient young teenagers now, but it also affects their futures. I believe that every child that participates in the program all the way to the end is affected and profoundly changed in some way.

Jody Tetreau

New Hazelton First Nations School, British Columbia

"Our work at my high school is often crisis based responses so it was a welcome change to have a program that addresses so many issues for so many students all at once. 
Scott gave a very powerful and real keynote presentation to our kids. Students that I didn’t think would choose to participate in the follow-up program and whom I knew could use the support actually did!
What impressed me most was how responsive/helpful kids were to each other. The peer support was very powerful and the accountability was very useful in making these students successful. I really appreciated the concept of setting students up for small successes as opposed to trying to make large leaps and experiencing failure.
I think I can speak for our school in saying that we learned a great deal from Scott Gallagher in regards to supporting kids with difficult issues in a very positive and proactive way. We created a survey for our students to gauge how helpful the presentation was and many responded that it related to their lives and that the information was useful.

Thanks to Scott for his dynamic presentation and for providing simple training to allow us to carry the program forward. I would recommend this program to other schools looking to support students in a success driven, peer based way."

Nicole Giroux

Martensville High School, Saskatchewan

"You saved lives today! After 21 years as an educator, I've seen kids die because of addiction. When we see it happen, we ask ourselves what we could have done to prevent it. Now we have an answer. We have Scott Gallagher now."

Rick Christie

VP, Fenelon Falls Secondary School


"We have lunch together every Monday. Other than the girl from grade 7, all of the kids come and we have some pretty good conversations.

Two of them say they haven't had any drugs since our first meeting even though they've had plenty of opportunity. The smoker has cut down by about 8 cigarettes.

All of them confessed to their parents. Some pretty good connections have been made... thanks to you."

Angie Stinkowji

Guidance Counselor, Englehart Secondary School

"The students in our school range from kindergarten to grade 7 so we decided to have only students from grades 5, 6 and 7 attend Scott's initial presentation.

The reactions I heard were diverse and incredibly personal. Each student responded to a different aspect of what Scott was saying depending on what resonated with their own lives.

Everyone was able to absorb their own individual message and many found it tremendously moving.

Not only did the follow-up program allow me to develop new and meaningful relationships with the students that were my buddies,
it engendered a real sense of community in the school as a whole.

We will definitely bring it in again, and hope to involve some parents next time so that sense of community can expand beyond our doors and benefit others as well."

Matt Haddrell

Teacher, Charlie Lake Elementary School, British Columbia

"Our school was looking for someone to come and speak to our students in a way that was personal and would help them with alcohol and drug addiction. We checked out the video on Scott’s website and knew immediately that he fit the bill perfectly.
At the assemblies, Scott had everyone’s attention. He handled those who were being obnoxious and got their attention respectfully. Even the teachers talked for months about how good the session was – because it was real.

There are so many programs that schools must present that are simply too superficial. They only manage to touch the surface. A speaker might get you excited about the topic on the day, but then they’re gone and the message just fades.

Scott’s program is different. 
I was surprised at both the number and the type of students who chose to attend the follow-up program. There were some I would never have guessed needed to be there. And there were a couple of kids who attended that we all knew had issues and they made it all the way through. That was wonderful to see.

The buddy system connected me with people I wouldn’t otherwise have known. Two in my group are now friends with each other, and I have a bond with them I never would have developed outside the program. 
The best aspect of the whole program was that students learned how to apologize and to thank others.
 To be able to say they were sorry without any expectation of getting anything in return was huge for these kids.
They learned it was okay to make a mistake, to be aware of it, apologize and let it go. I was amazed at how proud they were of themselves when they were able to say thanks and sorry.
Some were even surprised to find that, when they apologized, that the other party was sorry too. That brought them closure on a lot of issues and even mended a couple of friendships.

Everyone who went through the 28 days had success with breaking their bad habit. One girl didn’t eliminate her bad habit completely because her goal was to reduce it. So she was successful too!"

Karen Gardner

Business Teacher, Applewood Heights Secondary, Toronto

"When you see students with physical problems come in, a lot of times it’s a manifestation of what’s happening internally. This program gets to the root as opposed to just dealing with all the symptoms.
It’s one thing to do brief intervention counseling one-on-one, but it’s another thing to have Scott come in and set up a system of accountability so kids know exactly what to do.
Here are some of the results;
One student who had stolen a pair of shoes from the local mall went back to the mall and returned the shoes.
Another student confessed to his Uncle that he had been stealing his liquor for many months. The Uncle stated he was proud of his nephew for confessing this and ended up attending an AA meeting with him as a result.

There were many students that told their parents they were repeatedly lying to them about substance use.
Five students returned at the end of the Healthy Habits group to focus on quitting smoking.
Students became more honest with themselves and others.
Scott’s program was the highlight of the school year for me! Thank you again for this very worthwhile program!!!

Sue Grantis

Public Health Nurse, Niagara School Region

"A teacher’s goal for a student is to educate in order to empower, but Scott Gallagher gives a great gift to students, the ability to empower themselves.

His program has had a great effect on the students by making them accountable for themselves and their own success. In my school, students that had difficulty completing assignments were grouped together in addition to several higher performing students in an effort to encourage one another and to elicit a positive behavioural change.


The students started the program with no consistency in their homework completion and with below average exam scores. In order to make develop a system that was effective, it was necessary to utilize the tools that the students had at their disposal, and the tools that students used often; home phone and cell phone numbers, email addresses and social network names were exchanged and became the primary source of after school student contact.

Students were given an outline to follow regarding the proper usage of this system, and for the next month on the program, that is exactly what had happened. Students contacted each other after school to check up on each others progress on homework, communicated any problems with difficulty they were experiencing and even gave each other assistance with homework and studying. With the higher performing students participating, students were shown consistency that they were unfamiliar with prior to starting.

Establishing a positive learning environment outside of the classroom is vital to student success, and by the time the students had finished the program, in class productivity had increased as well as student confidence. Students began to enjoy learning on their own and began to participate regularly in class, displaying their new-found knowledge and accompanying self-esteem.


The constant communication outside of class had also created a friendlier environment inside of class. My classroom in particular, students' performance greatly improved and this was shown in their homework assignments, and on their term report cards.


Since finishing the program, students have retained the excitement to learn and are consistently performing well beyond their previous baselines. Scott taught students how to 'keep their promises' and deal with unwanted habits by developing healthy habits."

Preet Dhaliwal

Nipisihkopakh Secondary School, Hobbema, Alberta

"After finishing the program, we surveyed the participants and found we had some powerful and measurable results:

  • 100% reported developing a healthy habit during the course of the program
    • 100% reported drinking more water
    • 67% reported an increase in physical exercise
    • 56% reported working towards completing tasks (doing at least one thing that is a step  toward something they had been putting off)
  • 100% reported being successful in reducing a bad habit as a result of participating in the program
  • 86% indicated that they would participate in the program again/recommend the program to a friend.
  • 86% expressed interest in helping with the organization/promotion of the program in the future; 2 students volunteered to share their personal stories/become program mentors.

 As part of the evaluations, participants shared key words to describe their thoughts and feeling about the program. Included were:  inspiring, life-changing, positive, happy, relieved, positive selfishness, enlightening, relief from negativity, helping to control your habits. Participants also commented that it was nice to be part of a group where there were several people essentially working toward the same goal of reducing or eliminating a bad habit."

Renee Lacoursiere-Boltz

Social Worker, Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board

"Scott’s program gave me a teaching strategy that I can use for the rest of my career. Now I know how to handle a child with an addiction.

For me, that’s huge. Sometimes you go to those teaching conferences and you come out with nothing. This program gave me something real that I can implement. That’s what I appreciated most.

Students who took the program seriously became better and more responsible people as a result of some of the strategies used. As one of the adults in the program, I can vouch for the fact that it wasn’t just the kids who changed - we learned a lot as well.

The students who were committed to the program have done exactly what they promised to do and have reduced the number of times they engage in their addiction. The program really worked for them – they saw the gains they wanted.

Thanks for everything Scott and especially for keeping in touch and showing that you really care about our students.

​Larry Lippa

Counselor, C.R. Marchant, Toronto, Ontario

"We were very pleased as a school community to have Scott Gallagher present to our students. Scott gave a powerful all-school assembly, followed by a workshop which students self-selected to attend. I was very impressed with the group of students that ended up participating in the workshop. I had worked with many of them before individually but not in a peer support, positive-choice focused forum.
What I love about Scott’s program is his focus on healthy habits and acknowledging the positive. Students are encouraged to honor their word and be people of integrity. These are very powerful challenges for students and it has been amazing this year to see peers supporting each other toward these positive goals.
So much of what I’ve read or seen in the area of addiction is theory based. This program is totally different. Scott challenges students to examine their own choices, and provides a simple structure for the “support people” in the school to work with the kids. The program is clear, easy to deliver and sets students up for small successes along the journey. Support providers don’t end up feeling stuck in theory or unsure of where to go with the students.

Our school community definitely benefited from Scott’s dynamic presentation and health habit focused workshop. Follow up surveys with students and staff demonstrated Scott had a positive impact on students and their sense of “choice” in their own lives. For this, we are very grateful and wish Scott all the best in his future endeavors."

Heather Wegren

School Counsellor, Warman High School, Saskatchewan

"We enjoyed many successes and would like to run a program like this once a semester. We all achieved goals of cutting back or eliminating a bad habit, committing, promising, honouring our word, exercising, making amends and letting go. Thanks for a great opportunity!",

​Monica Paul

Curriculum Leader, Student Services, ​Alternative High School, Calgary, AB

"We owe you big! Your program changes lives. It was an honor to be a part of it. We've had a number of kids who either quit smoking or drastically reduced. And one boy gave up weed altogether - and now that the 4 weeks is up, he is now applying your program to cigarettes.... A lot of the kids actually surprised me with the exercise component of your program. Many of them started to see the benefits of exercising and actually ended up increasing and doing more with exercise then they had originally promised.

... All the kids apologized for things they've done that they felt bad about. A few of them apologized to their parents for stealing money from them. And the kids felt freed from doing this.

...Some of the kids that took on the bonus commitment of doing daily school homework actually came to me for help with their homework which was amazing. They would come to me after school or during lunch and I would help them.

...You have a major gift of discernment, being able to attract only those kids that were really committed - and your ability to cause those that really weren't there for the right reasons to make the right choice and not stay with us for the day (if they were not going to follow through on the full 28 day program) - was incredible. And all those that stayed for the full 3.5 hour seminar/workshop, stuck with the whole 28 day program. 

If I had to weed them out myself, there is no way I could have had that discernment that you have. I would have probably encouraged some of the wrong kids to stay and be in the group and I would have had problems. It might not have worked.

...Scott, you demonstrated to us a lot of positive affirmation. Even when you were weeding people out of the group, you were affirming peoples’ value. It wasn't anything artificial. It was real and authentic. You really cared like these kids have value. The kids could sense – they could feel - that they were valued and mattered, that there was intrinsic value to them.

Your program is a process and a journey. It's not like everyone has all their problems solved, but all the kids that participated are better off than they were before you came."

Corey Copeland

Student Success Teacher, Kirkland Lake High School, Ontario

"This workshop was absolutely phenomenal! After speaking to many of the kids that attended your workshop, the common feedback was that they could not believe there were so many other kids that were in the same boat as them. They now know that they are not alone. For these particular kids, to be part of a group when you are gone, is pretty special for them. It's nice to have presentations but it is even nicer to have presentations like yours that stick with our school."

Katherine Adams

Student Success Teacher, Glengarry District High School, Alexandria, Ontario

"You could have heard a pin drop when Scott talked about his personal experiences. But it wasn't just about telling his story. He gave students real ideas on how to prevent falling into addiction. Things to look for and how to help others. How to identify addictive things. And it wasn't just about one particular drug or addiction. He also talked about bullying, low self-esteem, things that trigger some of these addictions what [kids] can do to try and improve their lives, and to get better. We TOTALLY got our money's worth."

Eric Dallin

Vice Principal, Humberside Collegiate, Toronto, Ontario

"The real highlight of the program for me was the sense of community that developed. Students who are less comfortable socially began working with other students they wouldn't normally encounter. I think some of them experienced a real sense of community for the very first time. That level of personal growth will benefit them into the next school year and for years to come."

Doris Wyatt

Teacher, Broadview High School, Saskatchewan

"The facilitator (Scott Gallagher) really held those young people’s attention all day - they got the message loud and clear. And I’m so glad he emphasized that there is nothing wrong with us – that it’s our interpretation of life that paints how we see our life and our future.


Scott made us realize the fallacy of our story of being worthless, unwanted, stupid, dumb, weak, spoiled, unworthy, or a loser. He gave us the power to whitewash the tainted picture away.


The most powerful part of the program was about taking small, manageable steps that mean we can be successful. Scott gave these young people the chance and the ability to create a future that is vibrant and clear, free from guilt and full of hope.


I’ve since been promoted to another school and, with luck, I will be able to bring Scott in for my new students in the coming year!"

Opal Charters

District Principal First Nation Education, Merritt, British Columbia

"As for the new group that was formed...what is nice is that we now see (in such a short period of time), students talking to other students - ones that they would never have talked to as a result of the group. New friendships have been formed...and students that really needed someone to talk to...have come out and are talking. It's great!" 

Diane Potoczny

Teacher, John Cabot Secondary School, Mississauga, Ontario

"I know many students were touched by your story and have taken something from it. I will be running a leadership group in the fall that will be mentored by older students and many of the techniques and skills you taught will be incorporated into their training."

Dorothy Meier

Chestermere High School, Rockyview, Alberta

"There was quite a bit of gossiping, complaining, and negative work relationships. We were trying to get everyone in the office to work a little better together. We get new staff coming in and after 2 weeks they start partying and we never get them back as a worker.

We had 16 people participate in Scott’s sessions. I brought Scott in for team building to get workers in the office to try to work together. We weren’t getting a lot of cooperation sometimes. After Scott left it seemed like there was more of a team.

The gossiping stopped, and everyone was working better together. We were more accountable to the groups we belonged to. Some people also quit some unwanted habits they had.

 I think this would work well if we did this for the whole community. Our community is made of different groups… There’s first nation, Metis, and other people working here as well.

There are a lot of problems in the community and I think it would help for Scott to come. I’m hoping we could get him back for the whole community!"

Stephen Cuthbert

Senior Adminstration Officer, Deninu K'ue First Nation, Northwest Territories

Before I met Scott and Sameena, I felt like I was treading water and barely keeping my head above the water. I was unhappy. Scattered. Torn between what I wanted and what I felt I should be doing. What I desired and what I deserved. Being pulled in different directions by family, work and myself. I was an emotional wreck, pretending to be happy, and crying daily in private. Like a robot, floating through life on auto-pilot because there was no time to do anything for joy. What I wanted wasn’t responsible, it was frivolous, and I felt guilt just thinking about it. And regardless how hard I tried, my business was getting me further and further in debt, causing more stress and anxiety rather than helping me to feel fulfilled. I didn’t just feel like I failure. I WAS a failure. I was a disappointment and a burden to my family. A leech. I hated my life as it was, I despised my day job, and felt undervalued and unappreciated both at work and at home. My only escape was art, and I couldn’t even enjoy that because it was causing my family debt, and me to hide the spending on new art supplies out of guilt and embarrassment. I was a fake, and I was tired of pretending. My family argued all the time, and I yelled way to often. I didn’t appreciate what I had because I was so focused on the scarcity.

I said yes to everyone else’s needs, and no to my needs. And yet, I often was out of integrity, by not fulfilling my promises, or cancelling on people because I had too much on my plate and I just couldn’t follow through on my commitments. My word meant nothing, and because of that I equated it to mean that I meant nothing. For if I am not even as good as my word, that what good am I? A failure. A liar. A disappointment. A fake. Hell, I didn’t trust me, how could I expect anyone else to?

Who was I to dream? What right did I have? Every time I followed a dream, my family suffered, and I carry guilt with me for those amazing adventures in my life as well. It was like I wasn’t allowed to feel joy in a pure way. It was always tainted with guilty. And guilt sours the pleasure, until I felt hopeless, that there was nothing in the world I could possibly do right.

If I am this terrible of a person, I thought, my family would be better off without me. And although at this stage in my life there was no plan, and I was not intending on self harm, it was still a very dark place to live, wading through the swamp of shame. How could I possibly love myself and trust myself if I was such a disappointment, and a burden to everyone around me?

Unhappy was an understatement. I felt like I couldn’t do anything right, or make anyone happy. So, what was the point in even trying? I was ready to give up. I had gained A LOT of weight, which I was also embarrassed about. I mean, a year before I had run the New York City Marathon, and no one would believe me if they saw me even then, let alone now.

And then, a friend of mine made a post on social media, and I thought it sounded like a great opportunity to showcase my business, and share my enjoyment of art. …the enjoyment I wanted to have, that I once felt before it became necessary for the art to support itself, and I failed at that. I allowed myself to respond to her call to action, and somehow was accepted into her schedule. As the day grew closer, it became obvious that I needed help, I wasn’t ready to share my passion because I wasn’t allowing myself to feel and follow my passion freely. At that point I was offered a turnaround session.

At the turnaround with Scott, he put into words feelings and thoughts that I was ignoring and burying. I realized wow, I am in a dark hole, and I am worthless and have no idea how to get out of this. And then, he gave me a chance to improve my situation. He told me to go to see a friend, the friend, that would tell me the truth no matter what. Go, and see her in person. A 2.5-hour drive. Don’t call, just show up on her door step, and see what happens. And if she isn’t home, leave a note. And for some reason, I felt called to do this. I needed to do this. I wanted to do this. And I called my husband, arranged for him to get the kids, and I got in the car and drove. And she was home when I arrived. We went out for dinner and a long over due chat, and we each supported one another. It was magical. I realized that I am not valueless. Someone would notice if I was missing. And it got me to thinking about who else really cared for me, and accepted me as I am. And I realized, I matter.

I started doing a daily 15-minute audio clip and making a little video about what it meant to me and what I learned to share in a private community. It was awkward at first, I don’t like looking at myself and talking to my phone. But I did it. And I felt like by commenting on other people’s videos, I wasn’t alone in my world, on my journey to self acceptance and awareness.  And then, a few months later, and AMAZING offer was presented to me.

12 weeks of support, and integrity coaching. It was a new program, Integrity Choices, and I was one of the first people to accept the offer to the program. And it was amazing. It started off with promising to do a small action every day for 33 days. Keeping my word wasn’t something I was very good at, honestly and embarrassingly. Especially to myself. So I made this promise to do something for myself every day, and I started to feel proud of myself for accomplishing it. The daily accountability in the private membership site was hard to remember some days, but I am sure it was key in my success.

With every passing week I became more confident in myself, for I was learning to honour my word, with others and myself. By learning what integrity is, I was able to become a better person, a person I am proud of. I was able to incorporate habits that I tried in the past and couldn’t get past a week, and have now made those activities, like daily hypnosis meditations, a part of my every day life that I look forward to, and that have in turn improved my outlook and confidence and success in life.

I realized I was codependent. I rely on other people’s happiness to dictate my own happiness. If others are miserable, then I am miserable. I take on and reflect other people’s emotions. I wasn’t, at that time, strong enough or confident enough to hold onto my own feelings or experience when surrounded by other people feeling conflicting emotions. This needed to change, as it was having a negative impact on my health, and my relationships.

People started noticing changes in me. Besides feeling and acting more confident, I was sincerely more content with my life. I became better able to accept what I had control over, my attitude and response to the situation, and let go of trying to control other people’s reactions, or other things that were completely out of my control. I became much more accepting. I noticed the behaviour of my kids change in a positive way. There is now much less yelling in my house, less fighting and resistance. More I love you’s just because. Less guilt. Even my husband and my relationship dynamic changed. Instead of talking about what we don’t want, we spend more time talking about what we do want, or about the positive things that happened in the day.

This program helped me to see my happiness and healthy state of mind as being important things to take care of, to nurture and support. I had the courage to leave my abusive day job, and follow my art passion all in. Because of the support in this program I was ready and able to take the leap of faith I needed. And I ran my very first intuitive painting workshop with a guided meditation, for entrepreneurs to connect with their vision and business at its core. It was magical. And that opportunity was thanks to Integrity Choices, presenting the opportunity and pushing me to take action and control of an event. And although there were bumps in the road, it was beautiful and I feel able to take on the next event.

Since completing Integrity choices, I still continue with a call a week from Sameena, to touch base as they continue to support me in my life’s journey. I have approached two locations to host art workshops and have booked one a month per location for the summer months. I am doing it. I am living my dream. And I know that I am not perfect, but I also know now how to honour my word. And that is the greatest gift we have to offer other people, our word, our promise and our time in action.

I was pleasantly surprised this really was a pure offer, with no hidden agenda.

I was struggling financially, and they supported me, and offered me what was within my reach and my budget…free. Scott and Sameena are so giving and amazing. I will forever appreciate what they have done for me. And I am happy to share my journey, in order to inspire someone else to put themselves as a priority and take action to living as your better self, full of integrity and appreciation.

Liz Chamberlain